About Us

At Amber Electronics, we focus on electronic component distribution and marketing in Asia. We understand the crucial components of coordination and collaboration between the supplier and the customer, and our expertise helps you to improve your competitive edge and reduce inventories and costs.

As your business partner, we assist you to navigate the challenging Asia market, where success is only possible with deep experience and relationships.

At Amber Electronics, we pride ourselves with values of integrity, collaboration, agility, service excellence and quality.

All our partners have excellent quality assurance systems and are qualified under the ISO9001-2000 or ISO/TS16949 international standards.

In Asia, for Asia

Our experts have decades of experience operating in several parts of Asia, and are fast expanding their network across the rest of the region. They have worked with renowned manufacturers holding major market share in Asia.

We share the benefit of our experience with you. Amber, Electronics, Amber Electronics, ohmcraft, gowanda, resistors, passive, vpg, sei